Kenil company was founded in 00 six years, 15000 square meters factory building area. The company is located in the beautiful and rich Dongcheng District City, Dongguan City, cattle hill outside the industrial park.

  Company operating items:

  Screen printing: printing material for water-based ink, glue and silicone. Printing effect can be achieved 6 - 1 color printing and printing, color and luster, aesthetic degree of higher effect. Suitable for gloves, handbags, swimwear, cut pieces of clothing, sporting goods, ribbon, elastic belt, nylon belt, jacquard belt, cloth belt, shoelaces, woven label, leather and other screen printing.

  Dispensing glue, coating, pu. Coating material for environmental protection silica gel, can realize the function of underwear, one piece bra and finished socks spread glue, have strong antioxidant and anti slip function, and can effectively fill with the elastic and tensile elastic; can be achieved with dispensing cover (dot like, straight, wavy, reticulate shape coating); applicable to different materials of ribbon, woven mark, elastic belt, lace, fabric and other spread glue, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, acrylic coating.

  The three-dimensional heat transfer of silica gel (flocking) trademark, clothing and sports activities for various types of.

  Company equipped with the latest computer automatic silicon and Kang (silica gel) coating machine, the most advanced silicon (silica gel) Kang and ink of computer automatic screen printing machine, computer automatic lace silicone (silicone) coating machines and other advanced equipment.

  Talent allocation: professional design team, with a strong design and development capabilities, professional production and quality control team, a strong sense of mission, the service team.

  Company is willing to friends in the same industry collaborative together, to jointly explore the peak industry, strive to product quality has reached the international first-class level, thanks to all walks of life friend on our support and trust, we will do better.

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