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Dongguan city cainir Garment Accessories Co. Ltd

Company address: Dongguan City, Dongcheng District Province, Guangdong City, cattle hill outside the industrial zone

Phone: 86-769-88980088

Fax: 86-769-22030296


Fax: 86-769-22030296

Q: Q 2851391200

Q: Q 2228390016

Ali Wan Wan: cainir

Talent recruitment

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  1. The competent business: 1, age 25-35 years old, college degree or above, English four levels of levels, character, cheerful, with team spirit and management ability, strong communication skills; can promptly discover and processing department. With two years of management experience and years of sales management experience.

  2 Documentary: 3, female, technical secondary school or above, have good communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility, can skillfully operate Office office software.

  3. The salesman: two, male or female, age 20-35 years old, college degree, good oral expression ability, quick thinking, good communication and interpersonal skills; rich team cooperation spirit, the courage to accept the challenge; textile industry is preferred.

  4 R & D personnel: many, male, aged 20-40 years old, technical secondary school or above, have a wealth of new products into the work experience, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination skills. With printing industry preferred.

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