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What is the garment printing

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What is the garment printing

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  Silicone Coating- garment printing

  Clothing although is one of the basic necessities of life is one of the four basic elements of survival, but with the development of science and technology and people's living standards continue to improve, clothing has been far beyond the traditional concept: modesty, body care and beauty of the three traditional utility. People began to pursue the direction of comfort, advanced, diversified, emotional, functional and intelligent. Clothing problem has always been one of the central issues discussed in the textile and garment sector, for clothing and comfort improvement has increasingly become the common needs of the majority of designers, producers, operators and consumers, and strive to achieve the goal of. People have a lot of new attention, new demands and new pursuit of clothing, in addition to the past, the pursuit of advocating nature, comfort, fashion, health, sanitation, safety, convenient external, and now focuses emphasis on function, intelligent, ecology, diversity and individuation and so on. The following explanation of clothing printing.


  The first step, the fabric dyed monochrome, the second step, the pattern printed on the fabric.


  The second step in the printing paste containing can destroy the background color of the dye a strong bleach, so in this way can production blue bottom white dot patterns of cloth.

  Garment printing

  This process is called white. When the bleaching agent and not with its reaction mixed dye in the same color (vat dyes are of this type), can pull color printing. Therefore, when a suitable yellow dye (such as vat dyes) and color bleach mixed together, you can weave material printed yellow polka dots at the bottom of the blue.

  Because garment printing background is first to use the piece dyeing dyeing method, if the same background color is printed up all over the floor of the printing than, the color of the background to rich and deep. This is the main purpose of the use of clothing printing.

  Garment printing fabric by roller printing and screen printing printed, but not through the heat transfer printing printing. As compared with direct printing, the production cost of printing fabric is very high, it is necessary to be very careful and accurate control of the required reducing agent. The use of this way of clothing printed fabric, sales better, higher prices. Sometimes, in this process, the use of reducing agent will cause damage or destruction of printed fabric.

  If the fabric color two sides of the same color (for piece dyeing), and pattern is white or color and the color is not the same, will be able to confirm the discharge printing fabrics; opposite of a careful examination of the pattern, revealed traces of the original background appear this kind of phenomenon is destruction of dye chemicals do not fully penetrate into the fabric of negative).

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