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The definition of glue machine ribbon

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The definition of glue machine ribbon

Date:2015-05-28 00:00 Source: Click:

  Alias: ribbon ribbon coating machine, gluing machine, ribbon gluing machine

  English Name: Coating Machine for Tapes Silicone

  Definition: a machine will use high pressure liquid silicone mold from the mouth directly sprayed on the movement of the webbing.

  Ribbon epoxy machine also known as ribbon gluing machine, mainly transparent liquid silicone coated textile ribbon surface, lingerie straps surface, to stop slippery anti-skid function ribbon glue machine manufacturing plant, increase ribbon tensile force glue machine, especially high-end lingerie brand industry preferred.

  In common use glue ribbon:

  To improve the quality of the ribbon itself, and excellent performance, glue ribbon is mainly used for underwear, pants, infant clothing, sweaters, athletic wear, wedding dresses, T-Shirts, hats, chest circumference, masks etc. clothing products. The fabric with plain, twill, plain, heavy, and the double double jacquard organization. Woven elastic band texture more closely, variety, widely used in clothing cuffs and hem, bras and garter, waist, waist, shoe, and supporter of sports and medical bandage and so on.

  Basic component:

  Mainly by the glue, belt, belt conveying part, baking, take part, control part.

  Working principle:

  Will liquid silica gel by the pressure - regulator - measurement means of conveyance to die, the die to spray the moving ribbon, after baking ribbon forming a silica gel, change different width of the die, ribbon painted into different size linear silicone. If the swing mold, ribbon is formed on a regular wave, grid pattern.


  According to the use of the silica gel can be divided into single component Silicone Coating machine and two-component silicone glue ribbon machine

  Single component silica gel is the silicone can be naturally cured in the air, do not need to bake, so that the machine front and bake oven have steam device.

  Two component silica gel is A, B two kinds of composition, AB is not mixed is not curable, due to silicone is to strengthen type curing and humidity independent, so the machine without steam device, only the oven.

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