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Silicone Coating manufacturers - cainir crystal, the use value of interpretation

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Silicone Coating manufacturers - cainir crystal, the use value of interpretation

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  In practical production and life, we directly or indirectly exposed to crystal epoxy such material or a lot of, then for its advantage nature more or less will also have some understanding, let us work together to look at it.

  Now a lot of electronic and electrical appliances, such as fine or high-end products processing development will use this kind of sizing agent of epoxy crystal, because this kind of glue use has brought us a lot of practical value.

  Good adhesion is one of the main reasons why we choose the crystal epoxy. In the processing of many electronic devices, we have a very high requirement for the related processing equipment and adhesive materials. And crystal glue is used to provide us with many other common sizing agent could not realize the advantages and its strong adhesion to improve the quality of the products is a great role in promoting.

  Aging is a crystal epoxy and a big advantage. We have a lot of time in use some glue agent will always because of these gel aging deterioration problems had re operation, even sometimes because of the small matter of the adhesive agent and makes a whole set of equipment is not up to the standard. This will not only cause the delay in the work, but also to the manufacturers to bring more losses. So has the heat aging resistance of crystal epoxy in at this time will have the full advantage, it can make our products production to obtain more reliable guarantee.

  Silicone Coating manufacturers interpretation of crystal epoxy stored knowledge

  With the continuous development of all kinds of electronic products coming to market, we are concerned about the new features advantages of these products at the same time for the corresponding production and processing equipment and materials such as epoxy crystal this glue agent specifications also have higher standards of.

  When the crystal glue according to the corresponding standard smooth factory after, how to better keep the glue performance is we need to consider an important issue. In the storage process of crystal Dijiao, there are some problems that we need to pay attention to:

  First, the requirements for the storage environment. The storage time of crystal glue, we'd better choose those with good ventilation place. And in general, crystal epoxy is needed under the condition of low temperature storage, so for the adhesion effect keep more favorable. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid direct sunlight or high temperature environment, to prevent result in jelly glue and so that products can not be normal use.

  Second, the storage duration on the crystal epoxy. In general, the optimal use of crystal glue the time in less than six months, but if said this time the scope of the use of performance remains good, also can continue to use.

  On the crystal Dijiao in store need to pay attention to matters still has a lot of, we also need to flexible processing according to different situation, so that the glue the actual use of the advantage of better play.

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