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What is the difference between the manufacturers of silicone epoxy silicone and silicone rubber?

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What is the difference between the manufacturers of silicone epoxy silicone and silicone rubber?

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  When we hear the word "silicone" the word must understand that silica or silicon containing synthetic rubber, or in the final analysis is an inorganic silica gel or organic silica gel.

  Here it is necessary to mention a few words about "silicone" Name: silicone rubber, silicone rubber, silicone.

  Silicone rubber and silicone relations have said that the difference between the silicone rubber, silicone rubber, silicone rubber is silicone inside the organic silicon". "Silicone" is the names of Hong Kong and Taiwan and in the mainland called "silicone", then in accordance with the confusion of names, "silicone", silica gel is a confusion of nouns. Is a transliteration of the silicone, we usually say that he is "silicone".

  I have been in the industry for a long time since I have been in contact with it. Go online to read data, people say is silica hydrate silica gel, silica gel is a kind of synthetic rubber; silica gel also has a lot of, several major is "silicagel", "silicone" and "silicon rubber".

  Analysis of the two words "the most simple silicone" and "silicone rubber" Silicone Coating factory to have a look, what is the relationship between the two of them.

  If by some chemical books called "silicone", due to the condensation of silica, the molecular formula is msio2 - H2O. The silica gel is a highly reactive adsorption material, belonging to the amorphous material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical property, except alkali, hydrofluoric acid, and not with any of the material reaction. And we often say that the long nose, breast augmentation in the silica gel is the kind of silica gel.

  But in the mold industry, we refer to the "silica gel" is usually not above the silica gel. Silicone mold industry often say is polysiloxane a, say simply, the mold industry, the silicone is a synthetic rubber, silicon atom component because it contains a so called silicon rubber, and is referred to as "silicone".

  Mold industry "silicone" a wide range of uses. As for the performance of the product is based on different raw materials have a big gap, but in general, such "silica gel" (the exact said is silicone rubber) in the future, the trend of replacing rubber.

  We often mention "silicone" is often not simply refers to the condensation of silica, nor is it said that the mold industry above the synthetic rubber. But the above two kinds of products are called "silicone". At this time, we put the "silica gel" into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel. Inorganic silica gel is the first kind of "silica gel", which is mentioned in the first kind of silica.

  The silicon containing synthetic rubber in the mold industry is called organic silica gel because of the hydrocarbon groups. Global silicone network learned that in some places speaking "silicone rubber" time will define it as "between inorganic and organic substances between", but more in the production of silicone rubber manufacturers or claim is the production of organic silicon.

  From the above three cases, the word "silicone" concept is very confusing, but unfortunately, so far haven't the state expressly the names.

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