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Application of special printing technology - paint foam printing

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Application of special printing technology - paint foam printing

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  special printing technology application, foam pigment printing containing thickening agent (0.l~5%. According to the weight meter), adhesive (l~10% calculated by weight), and surface active agent (l~5%, by weight) of aqueous solution in dissolved in water in the presence of inert gas mixing, so as to form water solution volume of 1.5 to 3 times of the bubble, and paint mixed foam printing paste is made. Using this kind of foam printing paste for textile printing, known as foam printing.

  Characteristics of foam printing.

  A. foam density is less than 0.7G / ml; the viscosity of 20~200 CPS range.

  B. printed fabric color bright, soft feel.

  C. printing paste has good stability.

  D. is especially suitable for printing of circular web.

  Foam printing case.

  A. printing paste:

  Thickening agent (PP) 0.5%

  Binder (emulsion copolymer acrylate, acrylonitrile and hydroxymethyl acrylamide) 4%

  Sodium alginate 0.2%

  Sodium dodecyl sulfate l.0%

  Twelve (Wan Ji) 1%

  Ammonia 0.5%

  The thickener, binder, sodium alginate and water mixed with each other and then by adding ammonia to produce a uniform, no foam solution. Then, add the sodium sulfate and twelve (Wan Ji) to wake, continue to stir, form a bubble. 2 times the volume of the original solution, concentration and viscosity are within the specified range. Then, the foam and aquarine blue 3gw suspension, made of printing paste.

  B. foam printing: using the printing paste, by circular printed cotton, drying, and heat treatment at 150 DEG C for 3 minutes. As a result, the printed blue printed fabric is bright in color, soft in hand, obviously in water wash and dry cleaning.

  The special printing is a kind of special printing, because it has a very direct visual effect, the product is very novel and unique.

  Such as textile patterns with changes in ambient temperature, humidity and light sources showed different color color printing; and as in dark environment can produce crystal luminous flower type luminous printing and fabric in the dry state without flowers, in the wet state presented flowers type floating printing and as in the white coated fabric can pen writing text color water write milky white printing and printing fabric under the irradiation of light can be reflected bright sparkling pattern of retroreflective printing and so on.

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