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Silicone Printing manufacturers - printing process: analysis of heat transfer heat transfer and the advantages and disadvantages of network printing

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Silicone Printing manufacturers - printing process: analysis of heat transfer heat transfer and the advantages and disadvantages of network printing

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  Sublimation heat transfer principle: first the pattern printed on special paper, and then the special paper with "high" sticky "paste" on clothes, so this process is also called sublimation, thermal transfer printing, transfer printing, digital thermal transfer printing and so on.

  Heat transfer (heat transfer) can be subdivided with industrial transfer and inkjet print. Industrial pyrography is suitable for batch operation, need to be printed using a large printing machine, the boot fee, plate making costs are relatively high, usually at least more than 100 copies can used for this process. Otherwise, the cost is too high. Sampling cost is usually a few hundred dollars. Ink-jet sublimation is refers to the need for inkjet printers in special transfer paper can be can be made with a single piece printing, so the sample fee is very cheap, only tens of dollars can be, suitable for the operation of the family of small workshops. But this process is inefficient, the resolution is slightly inferior to technology transfer, but not suitable for dark clothes printing.

  Silicone Printing manufacturers explain the advantages and disadvantages of heat transfer

  Pyrography advantages: can be printed with photographs of the high accuracy figures, 3D game design is very complicated, excessive very delicate patterns, colors, and the computer can design draft very close.

  Tanghua disadvantages: less fastness, like a patch up feeling, a plastic handle. Not suitable for large space pattern, because of too much air, was a bit bored. The pattern is bigger, more easy to tilt the corner off. Also not resistant to washing, if placed in the washing machine washing, it is easy to have a partial loss of the situation, it is recommended to wear this process for a long time. If wearing a long time, the color and delicate degree can compromise, the use of dot color printing more appropriate.

  Dot color printing principle: dot color printing is actually a kind of screen printing, but it is used to form a lot of dots to form. This method, the color of the thin dense to show the color, the more dilute the color expression of the color is more shallow, and vice versa. Through C, M, Y, K and other outlets to form a set of superimposed transition color colorful and complex color pattern.

  Dot screen printing advantages: color fastness is very good. Soft and natural pattern. Can basically express the gradient color, color.

  Dot screen printing: in the expression is very delicate portrait, 3D game design, the color is not fine enough, can see the network, and there are more than 20% of the color.

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