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Silica gel and silica gel pad printing what is the difference?

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Silica gel and silica gel pad printing what is the difference?

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  In the textile printing processing industry, silicone this non-toxic, non polluting materials have been some companies are concerned. At the same time, Xiaobian also learned, some enterprises has applied to the actual production process, has become a new competitiveness of the textile processing industry, to the enterprise has brought new profit growth point.

  The following were to introduce the characteristics and applications of silica gel and silica gel under the silk screen printing:

  Silk screen printing

  Silk screen printing is a kind of special silica gel which can be firmly adhered to the surface of the textile by screen printing. Silk screen printing is divided into two types, single component silicone and two component silicone.

  A single component silicone single component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber vulcanization reaction is to rely on the moisture in the air and the role of sulfide, so the preservation condition is higher, the storage time is relatively short.

  Two. Two components  of silicone ink printing is not by the air in the water, but by the catalyst (Bo Jin) at a certain temperature. Temperature around 80-150 degrees. The screen printing requirements: choice of mesh is generally determined according to printing graphics and text, such as line thickness, thickness of the printed, usually between 80-150 mesh, printing plate thickness between the 0.1-2mm, manual printing is several times to complete, so the screen thickness is thin, the printing machine is usually formed in one time, so the screen thickness relatively thick. Can print color, support a variety of effects (Liang Guang / Matt, right / round). In the non slip, waterproof and resistance to high and low-temperature, health function and decorative features, used for various non-woven fabrics, leather, leather, waterproof nylon / cloth bags and other.


  Silica gel pad

  Printing rubber head is as a carrier plate pattern through the plastic head, put the plate on the pattern transfer in products. Condensation type silica gel is used for plastic hardware products, such as surface printing, with a high and durable wear performance, deformation, no oil and good ink transfer performance. Can be cured at room temperature, curing time with the amount of curing agent, curing agent, the more the amount, the more quickly cured. Addition cured room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber two-component, in front of the sulfide is its a and B components packing of liquid flow, at room temperature vulcanization molding, curing time with the amount of curing agent and, more amount of curing agent, curing the faster can excellent printing elastic material preparation, the product has excellent characteristics of low viscosity, good fluidity and products easy demoulding, no shrinkage, no oil leakage and deformation. The product has good ink transfer performance and the amount of oil and solvent resistance. Products can be cured at room temperature, but also can be heated fast curing. Silica gel pad quality is exquisite, no impurities, good elasticity, good oil, clear printing pattern. Mainly used in toys, craft gifts stationery, trademarks, communications equipment, electroplating products, such as irregular patterns of printing. With the integration of the international economy, people's life quality requirements of the increase, I believe more and more brands will choose Silicone Printing.

  According to a silica gel printing field senior person in charge, "core of Silica gel printing process is mainly the use of silica gel printing material of green environmental protection, namely in textile printing process, using silica gel printing to replace the traditional mortar and thermosetting ink etc. printing paste material." Such as our daily life come into contact with clothing shoes and hats, sports / microwave oven gloves, silica gel printing to its unique resistance to washing, fast, no decolorization and expressive force strong, good decorative effect, harmless and many other advantages has become textile printing and processing industry, the first choice.

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