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Glove Silicone printing is how to operate the production into

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Glove Silicone printing is how to operate the production into

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  silicone screen printing is suitable for manual screen printing, a turntable screen and ribbon printing machine, is a by screen printing, can be firmly adhered to the surface of the textile special silicone screen printing products not to take off. Can Taose, break through the silica gel printing a single color, color monotonous, rarely used for the bottleneck of the fashion field, provides a promising decoration materials to the fashion industry. Silk screen after the pattern has a strong sense of three-dimensional, and feel soft. Silk screen printing pattern has excellent peel strength, wear resistance, light intensity, water washing fastness. While the gloves on the silica gel printing is the gloves on the silica gel printing process, it is how to operate it? Below follow the small series to understand it.

  Materials: a primer for nylon backing water water. Light agent, color paste, white.

  1 Primer water two-component, direct printing ratio is 1:1, then the deployment, 150 degrees of drying

  2 silica gel and curing agent deployment ratio of 10:1, after the printing process, in the printing process, the silica gel because 407 of the volatile, should pay attention to add diluted water (407). Operation time is 60 minutes, please pay attention to the need to adjust the glue.

  3 color paste: the last 3 times when the printing color paste, add the recommended ratio of 5%-10%, while adding color paste weight 10% curing agent.

  4. Light agent: separately regulated, brightening agent adding curing agent ratio of 10:1, adding silica gel suggested that the ratio is 10-50% ordinary effect: in unused with the color paste with 10-50% was added to the light curing agent agent, mix thoroughly and high-grade effect: separately regulated transparent silicone and add has a good proportion of light oil, cover through mingmian. Excellent results. (Note: proofing, printing will stay inside the bubble, need to open the top of the table fan, the bubble blowing broken, then don't immediately use guns or dryer baking, given a bit of time (3-5 minutes) to silica gel natural flow leveling bake, otherwise bubble dry inside effect.

  The unique advantages of silica gel printing decided it should occupy their own position in the market, the price factor just temporary, the key lies in industry to a more in-depth understanding of silica gel printing, there are more people willing to adopt this new way of printing. The popularity of the product is improved, the output is improved, and the price is not reasonable. In the international awareness of environmental protection is increasingly strong today, silicone printing completely environmental characteristics is undoubtedly attractive.

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