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What is the difference between heat transfer and heat transfer---ribbon printing

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What is the difference between heat transfer and heat transfer---ribbon printing

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  What is the picture?

  The free press was first circulated in American, western area, nearly two years in the country gradually heat up. Early pyrography than pyrography rather hot words, mainly some of the popular slogan, character, then gradually in the development for vivid and various patterns. With the development of economy, the progress of society, the new appointee more and more personalized advertised, coupled with the development of computer technology, software development, these on Silicone HEAD transfer, flocking standard free pyrography industry, is undoubtedly a menace. Now print dress already popular in Europe forming, become popular leisure clothing. Due to the printing process is simple, easy to operate, the required materials and economical to and Ag is extensively on various substrates, such as blank T-shirts, knitted T-shirt, blank fleece, denim, plush, toys, shoes, bags, all kinds of nylon cap. Transfer available machine onto the cloth, can be used for the industrial, civil and easy. Pyrography can be divided into foam pyrograph, hectograph print, osmosis pyrograph, colorful bead pyrograph, laser heat transfer, flock pyrograph, reflective bronzing, gold and silver pyrographic and water of heat transfer, such as a variety of.

  What is heat transfer?

  Thermal transfer printing is a printing surface, through the special heat transfer machine the printed on the heat transfer flower membrane exquisite graphic transfer to the plastic, wood, metal surface and make the products bright beautiful, greatly enhance the grade of products, increase product added value and market competitiveness. His features are simple process, less process, high efficiency, no pollution, small footprint, less investment. After printing, good adhesion, high gloss, graphic clear, color accuracy, color bright safe, non-toxic and hot stamping can sand blasting fuel injection, secondary injection, bending and punching shear processing. In particular, the aluminum laser film. Make products more upscale.


  What is the difference between heat transfer and heat transfer?

  Pyrography also belongs to the heat transfer and heat transfer division two, sublimation and sublimation, pyrograph is with ordinary ink or pigment inks to print patterns on special transfer paper, through the thermal transfer printing machine in certain time and heating temperature, transfer of a layer of gum meet hot melt together with the print of the sticking together at the top of the clothes. Tanghua generally used for cotton fabric printing. Sublimation is with special heat transfer printing ink in the sublimation paper, ordinary color ink-jet printing paper, can, heat transfer machine in certain time and heating temperature, paper on ink sublimation to ribbon printing, because just transfer ink to the objects it feels no handle. Dye sublimation can transfer with less amount of cotton and chemical fiber fabrics, also can transfer to a with a coating of glass, ceramics, metal resistance to high temperature of 200 degrees of above objects. Pyrography cost on the use of ordinary ink or pigment ink, price specific heat transfer ink slightly low, but pyrography need special transfer paper costs are high, so it is sublimation low cost, sublimation and Sublimation Printed materials are not the same, for different purposes.

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