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Silicone Printing era, the textile processing industry collective

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Silicone Printing era, the textile processing industry collective

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  "In 2008, the global economic crisis to the whole industry, clothing trade experienced a sharp decline. Some enterprises also was unable to get up after a fall. Realize that the crisis is bound to be pregnant with a turning point! Along with the financial crisis, it must be the rise of the international trade protection, more difficult to survive in the enterprise! This requires that the enterprise's products must comply with stringent environmental standards in Europe and america. After thorough and meticulous investigation, we chose the silica gel printing, and quickly and the leadership of the printing silicone, forming a strategic partnership." , a well-known clothing enterprise leaders laments: "like the silica gel printing enterprises life-saving straw, the technique after, the core competitiveness of products due to conform with international environmental standards and benefit, we were pleasantly surprised to find that, the huge market, demand is very extensive, product sales therefore become very well, but also to achieve the profit of the great leap forward."

  Clothing, shoes, hats, microwave oven gloves, sports gloves, etc., silica gel printing because of its waterproof, non slip, high temperature, cold, decorative effect, the advantages of harmless and becomes more and more textile printing processing industry preferred. Also many international well-known brands also pay more attention to the field of domestic silicone printing, a such expert leader enterprises carried out all-round cooperation, the scope of application of silica gel printing in the course of the cooperation of enterprises can continue to expand.

  The surging market competition, how to in the fierce competition environment a firm foothold and achieve steady development is always key issues enterprises are facing. Times in the change, the industry is also in the competition with each passing day. Silicone Printing because of its unique environmental advantages and high-quality printing effect become the core competitiveness of the brand assurance, this also means that the advent of the textile printing processing industry silica gel printing times. As the man said: "more and more brand began to choose silicone printing, which is under the international economic environment for environment request inevitably, is natural selection of brand products of eternal youth, also is the enterprise for the benefit of the responsibility of the consumer."

  In fact, in the textile printing processing industry, silica gel this non-toxic, no pollution, no smell of the material has been part of the business, and applied to the actual production process. Silica gel printing process has become one of the hot spots of the whole industry and media attention.

  "Core of silica gel printing process is mainly a very green silica gel printing, namely in textile printing process, using silica gel printing instead of traditional mortar and thermosetting ink etc. printing paste material, the printing material can be upgraded. Silica gel printing not only printing effect better, strong expressive force, and its resistance to the wash and light fastness, decolorization, the most important is without any harm to human health and the environment. "

  It is reported that today's textile processing industry has many manufacturers began to use silicone printing. Although the cost of the silica gel material itself is slightly higher than the traditional mortar, but due to the silica gel printing process is green, color printing, delamination, can also print a variety of effects, stereo sense is good, feel very comfortable, and the silica gel printing process of textiles market is always much more than those who do not apply this kind of craft goods, also brought the rolling in profits for the brand and their processing enterprises.

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