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The use of silica gel printing on the bag

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The use of silica gel printing on the bag

Date:2015-12-05 16:39 Source: Click:

  From the domestic economic environment, domestic demand will become an important driving force for industry growth.About 80% of Chinese textiles in domestic consumption.With the sustained and rapid growth of domestic economy, improvement of people's income, due to the further development of the domestic consumer market.

  Chinese textile enterprises should overcome the rise in raw materials, the appreciation of the renminbi and the export tax rebate adjustment difficulties, catch the opportunity of the textile industry development, improve the industry concentration, curb inefficient the blind expansion of production capacity, increase characteristic industrial park construction, strengthen the pace of independent innovation, enhance the brand construction of China's textile industry, industrial adjustment and upgrade.Made by China textile powers to textile powers.

  Market popular handbags no matter on the style, color or material breakthrough, such as: chanel handbags, is made of suede, darker, the cortex AoTuGan, but it is the design of the package body with lozenge case grain together;Some bags in the same design also choose different color, collage, connecting each other into different colors.Material, widely popular with imitation leather cowboy cloth, velvet, cloth, silk, hemp, cane, etc made of handbags.Some handbags also compose on beads, sequins, ornamental design, lace, and embroidery on the bag.In the design of the spring handbags, mostly with concise the premise.Good taste of personality, the pursuit of fashion personality.Whether or casual wear evening gowns,Whether simple or ornate,Both conservative and progressive can be adorned among them.

  The handbag Silicone Printing - the material method of handbags:

  Calculate material is accounting batch handbags yards of the raw materials used, the method is as follows:

  1. Distinguish handbags the kinds of raw materials required.

  2. According to the paper of the specifications of the blog, accounting's area of each paper.

  3. The accounting area of all kinds of materials (square inch) and then multiplied by 1.09 to the material loss when yu (9%).

  4. Use the formula: calculation of counting, is needed for batch handbags yards.

  The plan method, cutting bed head is based on the discharge method, how many pieces of paper over a few yards, row row enough raw materials needed for production and need a few yards from the proportion type to operation.The cutting bed, head of the meter method is the most accurate and practical.

  5. Some of the ERP system also has a variety of flexible numerical method, such as teng xiang handbags ERP management system.

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