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Talk about the silicone printing products appear the cause of the wrong flowers back and forth

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Talk about the silicone printing products appear the cause of the wrong flowers back and forth

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  Silicone Printing Wide application, accounting for 53% of the whole printing production;Silica gel is printed by adhesive film on fabric, fixation to coating on the surface fabric printing process to obtain the required pattern.It has simple operation, simple technique, after printing without washing, soaping and desizing process, save energy, no waste water problems, etc.But when silica gel printing in the printing is to rely on adhesive film and stick it on the fabric, as a result of the existence of adhesive, printing (especially large-scale printing) fabric handle is poorer, and form the skin of the film is adhesive in pattern adsorption dust, yellowing and aging problem.

  Because there are direct dyes of the fibers, therefore the silicone printing paste with only need to give some to paste viscosity and printing features, to make the dye with preliminary to paste on the fabric surface.But after printing, need to after steaming, to make the dye transfer from inside the paste to the fiber, thus on dye fixation.At this point, the paste function is complete, need to be removed from the fabric.In addition, printing after steaming, also need to remove the fabric is not dye dyeing and color.Silica gel printing and after printing, therefore, steaming, water washing and desizing process.In silica gel printing at the same time, the combination of dye and chemical fiber, printing and then after desizing process, compared with a silica gel printing, the fabric handle and washing, soaping and rubbing fastness is good, but the process is complex, and the fabric after washing, desizing wastewater treatment problems, damage to the ecological environment there.

  Wrong flowers back and forth regularly refers to some flower in the process of printing a fled in the direction of the into the cloth flower, sometimes sometimes fled in the direction of the drop cloth flower, to print more matching color pattern, mainly displays in the dislocation pattern, dark fine line edge blur have off color phenomenon, some have obvious periodicity, the periodic only with the perimeter of the conduction band and rotary screen with main drive guide roller the circumference of the circle skillfully one of these three factors are concerned, rule out these three factors as the irregular fled back and forth.

  (1) individual flower pattern longitudinal regularly to escape in one direction, after every time the good flower pattern or run in the same direction.If it is a group drive rotary screen printing machine, usually because of loose circle flowers devices in the network transmission case, key check cylinder gear box of worm gear and worm is serious wear and tear, and the bearing are in good condition and to device damping role "0" ring is failure.For independent transmission printing machine, to solve the problems in time to look at the flowers in the direction of the escape, if fled the direction of the flower is in the direction of the entry, there are two reasons can produce this kind of phenomenon, is a kind of rotary screen drive servo motor or stepper motor and reducer, loose end connection with sliding phenomenon caused by;Another reason is the cylinder independent drive control caused by fault or disturbance.Can check for the above reasons, in order to solve the corresponding escape phenomenon.

  (2) regular run back and forth flowers are in conformity with the perimeter of the conduction band characteristics of cycle.This phenomenon only commonly is produced on the new machine of conduction band, is mainly due to the new conduction band did not eliminate internal stress and elongation of the conduction band is not the same, that is to say, the conduction band in the same paragraphs elongation is not the same when the tension.Can be appropriately tensioning conduction band and make the conduction band operation for a period of time.

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