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The role of Silicone Coating in silica gel color printing

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The role of Silicone Coating in silica gel color printing

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  Silicone Coating Is a kind of platinum catalyst a two-component liquid silicone molding, the product non-toxic tasteless, belongs to the level of environmental protection new materials.A transparent silicone, B as curing agent.Suitable for manual screen printing machine, rotary screen printing and printing ribbon machine, screen printing, etc., can be firmly adhesion on the surface of the textile.After the silk screen pattern is a three-dimensional sense of strong, and soft, can be tinted, don't take off a layer, and has excellent peel strength, wear resistance, brightness, resistant to washing fastness.

  Silicone glue is A kind of two-component platinum catalyst and molding liquid silicone glue, A transparent silicone, B as curing agent.Fabrics, clothing, fabric, knitted fabric shape silicone glue is after embossing machine high temperature forming, high/low temperature resistance, good liquidity, good embossing mold demoulding, high transparency, strong adhesion, good flexibility, strong robustness, high temperature wash water will not fall off, not variant, the same hard, wear-resisting, concave and convex decorative pattern nature, can keep the embossed pattern stereo feeling.

  A: B weight proportion mixing, mixing good rubber operation up to 4 to 6 hours.Silica gel on the embossing mold of fabrics, clothing, fabric, knitted fabric opposite, then two way up and painted with a brush, embossing mold is double sided die, embossing mold there is a little bit of space;Then put the cloth, clothing, fabric, knitted on the embossing mold, cover the glue needs to be embossed, with a pressure hot embossing machine.The pattern that such pressure, always keep the pattern variant, stereo sense is not hot water to wash off.

  In recent years, the silicone glue industry made remarkable achievement.As consumption leapfrog growth, has begun by the high performance special rubber silicone glue industry into a general synthetic rubber, become one of the largest rubber varieties dosage.It is reported, analysing from rubber consumption, 41.8% natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber aggregate (28.4%), and the silicone glue is normally used for building sealant, conductive buttons, and other areas of the minority of tires, rubber consumption accounts for only 6.4% of the total.So as the silicone glue in the part of the niche of the tire to replace other analysing, its consumption will increase exponentially, will further open the market space.To this, the personage inside course of study also agree with the above viewpoint.Is expected that by 2015, the silicone glue will account for 10% ~ 15% of the total domestic rubber consumption, namely the silicone glue consumption is expected to reach 1 million ~ 1.5 million tons, by 2020, the silicone glue accounted for the proportion of the total consumption of rubber is expected to reach 20% ~ 33%, namely the silicone glue consumption is expected to reach 3 million ~ 3 million tons.In other words, the silicone glue industry development potential and future development are very attractive, and its rapid development also will extremely profound influence on upstream and downstream industries.In fact, the silicone glue industry linkage effect of upstream and downstream industry has begun to gradually revealed.Experts pointed out that the silicone glue industry development is the biggest bright spot can substantially increase its self-sufficiency rate of domestic rubber.According to statistics, if the silicone glue to 2020 accounted for the proportion of rubber consumption in our country from the current 6.5% to 33%, so the overall domestic self-sufficiency rubber in China but from the current rise about 50% to 50%, thus greatly ease the rubber tight supply situation, reduce the production cost of rubber processing industry.This shows, the silicone glue industry is not only the single development of a single industry, it involves more than the common development of the industry, to enhance the profitability of the rubber processing industry and improve the quality of rubber products has far-reaching significance.

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