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Textile silicone printing

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Textile silicone printing

Date:2016-01-09 10:49 Source: Click:

  A, textiles,Silicone Printing- the development of the textile:

  China's textile production and export power, after years of development, China's textile industry competitive advantage obviously, have the most complete industry chain in the world, the highest level of form a complete set of processing, industrial clusters of numerous developed to respond to the self-regulation of the market risk has been increasing, to the development of the industry to maintain the steady pace provides a solid guarantee.

  From the international environment, the international market still has great development space and opportunities.As china-eu textile restrictions expire at the end of 2007, sino-us textile quota restrictions on end at the end of 2008, China's textile quota-free era is coming, accounts for about more than 60% of the global textile market fully open, will bring about huge opportunities for China's textile trade.And in the next few years the world economy is still on the rise the interval, will promote the growth of international trade, it will give a positive international market of Chinese textile clothing export growth.

  From the domestic economic environment, domestic demand will become an important driving force for industry growth.About 80% of Chinese textiles in domestic consumption.With the sustained and rapid growth of domestic economy, improvement of people's income, due to the further development of the domestic consumer market.

  Chinese textile enterprises should overcome the rise in raw materials, the appreciation of the renminbi and the export tax rebate adjustment difficulties, catch the opportunity of the textile industry development, improve the industry concentration, curb inefficient the blind expansion of production capacity, increase characteristic industrial park construction, strengthen the pace of independent innovation, enhance the brand construction of China's textile industry, industrial adjustment and upgrade.Made by China textile powers to textile powers.

  Second, the textile silicone printing - store:

  Must first have a spacious enough big warehouse, if the warehouse is small, with what method can the stacked (wife is difficult to make bricks without straw) of the next differentiated according to the material types, such as: textile fabric and woven fabric should be separate, because the knitting fabric rolls softer, and the woven fabric drum straight, and fabric texture classification, separate cotton cloth, polyester-cotton fabric and fiber cloth is divided into three parts.

  First choice for ventilation, otherwise deposit time is long, the middle section will be moldy, spots appear on cotton cloth, and fabric fastness to drop, can tear the cloth gently with the hand, as we all know this has been woven fabric.

  Correct stacking method is to choose to ventilation, easy to fire, cotton cloth is best in a well ventilated place, away from the door, for example, window nearest place, width 1 meter is normal width, a row of six to seven volumes, level 2 longitudinal flat, the number must be the same and bottom, layer 3 or transverse flat, the same number, and so on.

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