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The silicone color silicone printing into renewable and professional terms

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The silicone color silicone printing into renewable and professional terms

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  A, color Silicone Printing- silica gel regeneration:

  Silica gel regeneration after the adsorption of organic impurities:

  ___________ roasting method

  For coarse silica gel, and can be put inside furnace heats up to 500-600 ℃, about the 6-8 hours to colloidal particles with a white or brown.For fine silica, roasting temperature should not exceed 200 ℃.

  2. Rinse method

  The silica gel in the saturated water vapor adsorption saturation after heat soak rinse, and can be combined with detergent to remove waste or other organic impurities, drying dehydration after water washing.

  3. Solvent washing method

  According to the silica gel adsorption organic matter types, choose the appropriate solvent adsorption in silica gel dissolution of organic matter, and then heat the silica gel to removing solvent.

  Second, the color silicone printing - silicone professional term:

  1. Specific surface: refers to the silica gel is the surface area per gram, including internal microporous surface area and the total surface area.- unit: square metres per gram

  2. The entrance, the volume of the silica gel inside the pore per gram.- unit: ml/g (ml/g)

  3. The aperture: refers to the diameter of the internal microporous silica gel.- unit: Mr (A 0) or nanometer (nm) 1 nm = 10 A 0

  4. The adsorption quantity: silica gel under certain relative humidity adsorption of water vapour saturated, the adsorption of water vapor adsorption quantity said.- unit: %

  5. Packing density: the quality of the silica gel and its accumulation is the ratio of the volume.- unit: g/l (g/l)

  6. PH: silica gel PH is treated with certain conditions, contain a certain proportion of silica gel solution PH.

  7. Than resistance: it is said a index of the purity of silica gel.Resistivity itself is defined as solution resistance in 1 cm distance.Than resistance silicone refers to after dealing with the certain conditions, dissolve the silica gel in the water-soluble electrolyte solution was determined by conductance than resistance.Than the higher the resistance, reflecting the silica gel contains the low solubility in water electrolysis quality.- unit: ohm. Cm (Ω cm).

  8. Abrasion ratio: a measure of silica abrasive resistance.Refers to under certain conditions the silicone abrasion loss.- unit: %

  9. The water is not cracking rate: refers to the water resistant silicone water resistant degree of a target.- unit: %

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